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             Diabetes Puppet Show
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Puppet shows are always interesting to watch. Chengalpattu Diabetic Care & Research Centre has developed a unique educational tool in the form of Puppet Shows to increase the awareness about diabetes among the rural population in the villages.


This Puppet show is based on the Theme of - Symptoms of Diabetes, Diabetic Diet, Complications due to Diabetes.  The Puppet show is being enacted with big puppets which are feet in height by the Diabetic team members of CDC & RC – Dieticians, Diabetic Nurses,& Counsellors.

Puppet show I is about diabetes awareness and diet habits
Puppet show II is about complications of diabetes.
Puppet show III is about Prevention of Diabetes

The puppet shows are now part of diabetes awareness programmes being conducted in the villages.  This puppet show is widely appreciated by the public and has helped to create awareness among the uneducated people in the rural areas.

   Month & Year      Name Of Villages
Year 2004 

January 2004                                      R. K. Swamy Auditorium

February 2004                                    Villiambakkam

February 2004                                    Kunnavakkam

March  2004                                       Thandarai

April 2004                                          Maraimalainagar

July 2004                                           Puthirankottai

October 2004                                     Chengalpattu

November 2004                                  World diabetes day

December 2004                                  Kalpakkam

Year 2005

January 2005                                      Marwa Mahal, Chengalpattu

February 2005                                    Le Royal Meridian, Chennai

February 2005                                    Rotary Club, Chennai

March 2005                                         Koovathur

April 2005                                           Kakkanallur

May 2005                                            Iyyanpettai

June 2005                                           Maduranthagam

July 2005                                            Thirukazhukundram

July 2005                                            Mamallapuram

August 2005                                        Manamathi

September 2005                                  Mamandur

November 2005                                   Chengalpattu

November 2005                                   Melrosapuram

November 2005                                   World diabetes day

Year 2006

January 2006                                       Chengalpattu

February 2006                                     Chengalpattu

March 2006                                         M. M. Nagar

April 2006                                           Villiambakkam

July 2006                                            Thirukazhukundram   
July 2006                                            Sembakkam   
August 2006                                        Mettupalayam    
September 2006                                  Okkiamthuraipakkam 
September 2006                                  Chennai (Kamaraj Memorial                                                           Hall)

November 2006                                   Chengalpattu

November 2006                                   Koovathur  
December 2006                                   Banavaram,Vellore Dt.

December 2006                                   Kodur

Year 2007

January 2007                                      Sithandi Mandapam                                                       
January 2007                                      Iyampettai  
February 2007                                     Salavakkam  
February 2007                                     Sadras

February 2007                                     L.Endathur   
February 2007                                     Melavalampettai   
March 2007                                         P.V.Kalathur

March 2007                                         Walajabad

May 2007                                            Sri Ramakrishna Boys School,                                                           Chengalpattu

November 2007                                   World diabetes day

Year 2008

March 2008                                         Veerapuram

May 2008                                            Mamallapuram

August 2008                                        World diabetes day,

Year 2009

July 2009                                             Karunkuzhi

September 2009                                   Mamandur

November 2009                                    World diabetes day,

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