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  World Diabetes Day  
World Diabetes Day Programme is celebrated every year in 150 countries by World Health Organisation (WHO) & International Diabetic Federation (IDF). It is a targeted campaign to raise awareness about Diabetes and its complications. On the World Diabetes Day, Chengalpattu Diabetic Care & Research Centre (CDC & RC) along with Narbhavi Diabetic Care & Research Foundation (NDC & RF) is conducting various programmes on diabetes in Chengalpattu.
CDC & RC also works towards the primary prevention of Diabetes Mellitus in the community of Chengalpattu and its surrounding villages. Every year CDC & RC has been conducting various programmes on the occasion of world diabetes day involving general public, NGO organisations, all schools and colleges of chengalpatttu.
On the occasion of world diabetes day, various programmes are being conducted by CDC & RC to increase the awareness on diabetes.
  Activities on World Diabetes Day  
Diabetes awareness rally is conducted every year with about 500 to 1000 school children, college students, doctors, paramedical personnel & general public.
Free caps & T- shirts, certificates, water & biscuits are distributed to the school children who participate in the rally.
Various competitions are held for the schoold children – essay, speech, & drawing competitions on importance of healthy life style exercise & diabetes, challenges to healthy living in modern India to inculcate healthy life style in children.
Various competitions are held for college students of chengalpattu – Essay, diabetic skit & diabetic cookery competitions.

Competitions are held for the public to increase the awareness on diabetes like – diabetic cookery competition, diabetic walk, quiz competition & best couple competition & prizes are distributed.
Doctor patient interaction sessions are conducted on world diabetes day to impart knowledge on diabetes & its complications to the public.
Free blood testing is done for nearly 1000 to 1500 public on the occasion of world diabetes day.
Free complication screening is done & prevention counselling is done.
Free eye screening – cataract & retinopathy screening is done for all diabetic patients.
Free foot testing – Doppler & biothesiometer is done for all diabetic patients.
Free dental screening & treatment is done for all patients.
Free BMD, Body Mass Index testing & weight reduction counselling is given.
  Free diet counselling is given by dieticians & counsellors.  
A diabetic exhibition is held every year with charts & food exhibition is also held on the occasion of world diabetes day.
Diabetes awareness puppet shows are done by CDC & RC team.
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