Trust activities
        Trust activities
  Trust activities- Narbhavi Diabetic Care and Research Foundation  

CDC & RC has been doing various free diabetic detection & screening camps in villages. To realise the objectives of CDC & RC, a trust was started in the name of Narbhavi Diabetic Care & Research Foundation to continue the various community activities of the diabetic centre in the villages.


 To create awareness about diabetes mellitus and to educate the     public on a regular basis.
 To conduct free diabetes screening camps, provide counseling and     treatment for diabetes in the    villages
To establish, develop, maintain, support and aid in the     establishment of research centers.
 To associate with foreign research centers, institutions etc, to     promote research and development in    the field of diabetes.
Trust Activities
  CDC & RC along with NDC & RF has been doing the following activities
  Diabetes awareness & screening camps in villages
  Diabetes awareness & screening camps in CDC & RC
  World diabetes day programme
  free Diabetes Exhibition
  Free Diabetes puppet show
  Free Diabetes awareness complications
  Preventive diabetes awareness programmes
  Innipum nivaranamum free diabetes awareness journal.
Diabetes a growing burden of the developing countries can be tackled only by raising the awareness about diabetes through collective effort.
  All individuals and organisations have to pledge their support towards the prevention of diabetes.
We would like all the like minded organisations & public throughout the world can come forward to join hands with us & donate liberally to help us to do the various community services, to raise the awareness of diabetes in the disadvantaged & underpriviledged community in villages of the developing country, India.
  Donations are exempted from Income Tax under sec. 80G.
  Let us all join hands together to create a “Diabetes free world for the future generations”


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