Computerised Lab Services
Diet Clinic
Diabetic Eye clinic
Diabetic foot care clinic
Diabetic kidney clinic
Diabetic Heart Clinic
Diabetic Dental Clinic
Diabetic Education Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Diabetic camp department
1. 24 hours Computerised Lab Services

 The centre provides high quality and efficient services round the clock. All sophisticated investigations for diabetic patients are available.

2. Diet Clinic

 The Diet clinic has trained dieticians to provide diet prescription, meal recall & to give advice to patients.

3. Diabetic Eye clinic

This clinic helps in screening and detection of early complications related to eye due to diabetes especially diabetic
4. Diabetic foot care clinic

 This clinic was started  to reduce the  morbidity due to foot complications, commonly seen in the rural population. A routine screening of all diabetic patients is being done with special equipments- Monofilament examination,Biothesiometer,Vascular Doppler.

 Specialized Diabetic foot wear (MCP) is being provided
for all patients.

Diabetic Foot Team
  - Diabetologist
- General Surgeon
- Plastic Surgeon
- Orthopaedician
- Vascular Surgeon
- Podiatrist
5. Diabetic kidney clinic

  This clinic was started to detect the renal complications due to diabetes at a reversible stage itself .

Haemodialysis is being done at a subsidised cost to treat renal failure patients.
6. Diabetic Heart Clinic

  This clinic is being run with the help of a cardiologist to detect the early cardiac problems in diabetic patients - ECHO, TREADMILL are being done in the centre.

7. Diabetic Dental Clinic
Regular Dental screening is done for all diabetic patients in the centre.
8. Diabetic Education Clinic

a). This clinic has been started to educate the patients about diabetes .It is handled by efficient patient educators and counsellors.

b). Free education and screening camps are being held in the surrounding villages every month and also in the Hospital premises through the clinic.

c). Puppet show are held in the villages on the theme of Diabetic mellitus

d). monthly journal in the local language Tamil by the name “Inippum Nivaranamum” is also being brought out & distributed from the centre to create awareness about Diabetes.

9. Physiotherapy Clinic
The Centre has a well equipped physiotherapy department to cater to the needs of Diabetic patients.
10. Pharmacy
We have a well equipped pharmacy to service the various needs of the Diabetic patients.
11. Diabetic camp department

 This department is handled by Marketing officer, Public relations officer, Diabetic counsellors and Educators who co-ordinate with village panchayat heads and NGO's to conduct regular Diabetic Camps in the Villages.

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