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         Diabetes Awareness
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Programme for School Students
  Preventive Diabetes Awareness Programme  
Diabetes, a growing challenge to the society has become much more than a medical challenge, it is also an economic challenge.
Diabetes is a growing epidemic threatening to overwhelm global health care services, wipe out some indigenous population and undermine economies world wide especially, in developing countries like India.
  Diabetes – a socioeconomic burden  
Cost of living is increasing
Medical treatment has become expensive
Advance in medicine become an extra expenditure on the part of patients
Access and affordability of care is less in the villages
Illiteracy is still prevailing in the lower socio economic groups
Awareness towards healthy living is yet to reach the desired level
Spending for the health is the last priority
Postponement of detection & treatment of diabetes
  Burden in India  
  India is the diabetic capital of the world  
  Among developing countries the greatest increase in diabetic population will be seen in India  
  Number of the people with diabetes in India would have risen from 19 million in 1995 to 80 million in 2025 according to World Health Organisation & International Diabetic Federation (WHO & IDF).  
  Steps taken by Chengalpattu Diabetic Care & Research Centre (CDC & RC) to reduce the socioeconomic burden of diabetes in Tamil Nadu in Kancheepuram District (From 2001 to 2009)  
CDC & RC a unit of Sree Renga Hospital along with the trust – Narbhavi Diabetic Care & Research Foundation (NDC & RF) has been spearheading various programmes to create health awareness and prevent diabetes and its complications among the rural population of TamilNadu especially in and around chengalpattu in Kancheepuram District.
Diabetes awareness and detection camps were conducted involving the local health authority and various NGO groups/local panchayat heads. About 184 diabetic camps have been conducted in the villages.
  CDC & RC has done free blood sugar screening tests for nearly 46,000 people in and around the 100 villages of chengalpattu from 2001-2009.  
  Diabetes awareness Camps  
  Free Blood Testing  
  Free complication detection camps have been conducted.  
    Free Eye Screening Camps.  
    Cataract detection camps have been done.  
    Free cataract eye surgeries have been done for patients detected to have cataract and glasses have been distributed.  
    Diabetic retinopathy treatment with laser have been done for patients with the help of NGO organizations.  
    Free Dental Screening  
    Free dental screening camps have been conducted for patients with diabetes and treatment has been given by the dentists of CDC & RC.  
    Free Foot Screening camps  
    Free foot testing camps – Biothesiometer and Doppler testing for diabetic patients have been done and patients were given specialized foot wear.  
    Diabetes mass education programmes.  
    Diabetes education and workshop programme for village health nurses of Kancheepuram District.  
    Diabetes education programme for Integrated Child Developmental Scheme workers and supervisors – ICDS.  
    Diabetes awareness programme for school students of Kancheepuram District.  
  Diabetes Awareness Education Programme  
  Diabetes mass education programme for public  
Diabetes mass education programme is conducted on a regular basis by the Centre in the villages every month to increase the awareness about diabetes and its complications among rural areas.Under this special programme, people around Chengalpattu are given free education and counselling about diabetes.
  Diabetes education and workshop programme for village health nurses (VHN) of Kancheepuram district.  

In India, the village health nurses are the people who work at the grass roots level of the health service system in the villages. Village health nurses of Kancheepuram District were given training on diabetes and its complications. This was aimed to improve the care given by the Village Health Nurses to the Diabetic patients in their villages. This is one of the unique programmes, the first in Kancheepuram District and was done under the guidance of the District Collector & the health departments of kancheepuram district. This special training on diabetes for VHN was conducted between June to December 2004. In this programme, nearly 383 Village Health Nurses of kancheepuram and Saidapet Health Blocks were given training.


  Diabetes education programme for integrated child developmental scheme workers and supervisors – ICDS Workers    

ICDS workers are the people who work for the health and hygiene development of the villages and they are specially appointed for the care of antenatal mothers and under 5 children in rural areas by the UNICEF. The ICDS workers training programme was conducted to increase the awareness about diabetes among the ICDS employees. Giving proper training to these workers and supervisors, a large scale awareness on diabetes was effectively created among the rural people. The ICDS training programme is an ongoing programme.

Anganvadi (ICDS) workers Workshop held on ICDS workers
ICDS supervisors Kancheepuram district March 2006 40
Kattankulathur (152 ICDS workers)



Thiruporur (1651 ICDS workers)



Thirukalukkundram (1651 ICDS workers)



St. Thomas Mount (1581 ICDS workers)



Kancheepuram ICDS (Urban) 09.01.10 49
Lathur ICDS 22.01.10 54
Chithamur ICDS 30.01.10 38
Kancheepuram ICDS (Rural) 13.02.10 47
Walajabad ICDS 20.02.10 42

Diabetes awareness programme for school students of Kancheepuram District

This is an unique programme, a first of its kind in Kancheepuram District.  This programme is aimed to increase the awareness among the school students of Government and Government aided schools of Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram District about diabetes and the importance of healthy living. This is mainly aimed to prevent diabetes in our population. This is an unique programme to halt the epidemic of diabetes in our country.

In this unique diabetes prevention programme, 4 students from each school , i.e. 2 students each from 9th & 11th standard , along with 1 teacher participate from each Government school of Kancheepuram District.  This is an on going programme for past 5 years (2005 - 2009) This School Students Education Programe is an ongoing Project for the next 5 years ( 2010 - 2015) .This programme is being done every week on Saturday in batches of 50 students and 10 teachers.  Each school has formed a diabetic club and are doing various diabetes prevention activities in the villages.

CDC & RC has joined hands with the Educational Department of the District to conduct these programmes in the schools.  It will help us to increase the diabetic outreach programme for the villages.  Free blood sugar testing is now done every year for teachers.  Various competitions on diabetes are conducted for school and college students – diabetic slogans, essay, speech, drawing competitions to raise the awareness about diabetes mellitus in the younger generations.  Diabetes exhibitions and puppet shows are conducted in the school premises itself.

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