Future Projects
        Future Projects
  Future Projects  

India is fast becoming the diabetic capital of the world.  Indians are extremely prone for diabetes culturally, racially and socially.  We are very different from western population. Hence We ought to have our own standards and treatment patterns which will be suitable to our patients, who are also socio economically backward.

Research is one area which will open our mind towards the aforesaid goals. Chengalpattu diabetic care research centre and narbhavi diabetic care and research foundations has planned to do following activities in the areas of clinical research.

  • To do epidemiological survey in the community.
  • To create a diabetes register in and around chengalpattu.
  • Continuously educate adolescents and children and to create diabetes free life for them.
  • To do clinical research in the areas of prevention and education.
  • To do pilot programme which would be useful to the Government and policymakers.
  • To be a part of genetic and stem cells research study which would pave the way for complete eradication of diabetes in the world.

    Motto of CDC & RC "To Create a diabetes free world for future generations"

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